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Our Business Here At San Diego Appliance Pick Up And San Diego Hauling Is To Come To Your Home Or Business And  Pick Up And Recycle Your Appliances Or Recyclables Like Newspaper, Cardboard, Washing Machines, Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Scrap Metals, Dish Washers, Water Heaters, Ovens and  We Will Take Them To A Recycle Center For You. If You Have Your Own Truck Or A Trailer Scroll Down To Our Link Called San Diego Landfills And Dumps. There You Can Find Some Landfills  Where You Can Take Your Own Trash And Junk.

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We Can Pick Up and Haul Away, Your Junk, Garbage, Debris, Waste, TVs, Carpet, Mattresses, Couch, Moving Boxes, Pallets, Spas, Brush, Cardboard, Newspaper, Tree Trimmings, Jacuzzi, Rubbish, Trash, Construction Debris, Dirt, SofaWood, Tree Branches, Demolition Debris, Metals, Refuse, Concrete, Drywall, Furniture, Jacuzzi and More. We Also Pick Up and Recycle Appliances Like Washing  Machines, Refrigerators, Stoves, E WasteScrap Metals,  Water Heaters, Dish Washers At San Diego Recycling Centers.

 Ask About Renting A Dumpster Or A Dump Trailer.        We Offer 20 and 40 Cubic Yard Dumpsters.



 If You Live in San Diego County We Can Drop Off A Dump Trailer and Pick It Up Right After Your Done Filling It. Our Dump Trailers  are 8 Feet Long, 5 Feet Wide And Now With 4 Foot High Walls. Unlike Standard Dumpsters and Bins Where You Are Prohibited From Stacking Above The Top Of The Dumpster Or Bins Walls,  You Can Stack Your Junk Or Debris as High as You Want With Our Dump Trailers. As You Can See, One Of Our Customer Did On The White Trailer Above. If You Stacked 6 Feet High You Would Be Getting 10 Cubic Yards Of Junk. Sorry We Do Not Rent These Trailers Out For Dirt Or Concrete. Besides The Weight Carrying Advantage Of The Dump Trailer Over Smaller Standard Dumpsters These Trailers Can Legally Be Placed On The Street. A Permit Is Required From The City To Place A Dumpster  In The Street Which Is A Long Process. The Price We Charge Includes Drop Off, Pick Up And All Dump Fees And Unlike Others We Work Saturdays And Sundays For Your Convince. So If  You Need A Price Quote On A Dumpster, Trailer, Hauling TruckMoving Truck Or A Roll-Off Container Give Us A Call.


Our 1 Ton Trucks Above Shows How High We Can Stack Your Junk As Well As What 16 Cubic Yards Of Junk  Looks  Like. The Picture Of The Ford Trucks Above Is Stacked 9 Feet High. Remember When Getting A Price Quote For A Load Of Junk Or Trash On A Pick Up Truck From Any Hauler A Load Means As High As The Haulers  Can Stack The Junk Or Rubbish. From My Almost 30 Years Of Experience I Know That  Some Loads Don't Require One To Stack Junk That High. If Your Hauler Has Given You A Price Quote For A Pick Up Truck Load Of Junk Or Garbage He Should Stack That Truck Till He Can't Get Any More On. He Should Not Try And Make 2 Loads Out Of One Load By Haphazardly Throwing The Trash In His  Pick Up Truck. When Talking About Pick Up Trucks No Haulers Should Try To Double Charge You To Put On The Rest Of Your Junk, When There Is Still More Room On The Pick Up Truck For More Junk. One New Hauler In Town Is Advertising That He Is Stacking The Junk Only 3.38 Feet High Or 6 Cubic Yards And He Is Advertising That As A Load. That Is Half A Load On A Pick Up Truck. A Haulers Should Be Able To Stack At Least 6 Feet High Or More. Ask The Haulers How High He Intends To Stack For The Price That He Quotes You. No Junk Haulers Should Show Up In A Pick Up Truck With Junk Already On His Truck Unless He Gets Your Prior Consent Prior To Him Showing Up. Pick Up Trucks Come In 8 Foot Beds And 6 Foot Beds And Smaller Beds. They Also Come In 1 Ton ( The Heavy Duties) Three Quarter Ton, Half Ton And Mini Pick Up Trucks. This Section Is Meant To Educate Those Individuals Whom Are Unfamiliar With This San Diego Hauling Industry And How It Works.

Have You Every Seen Junk Or Furniture On The Freeways? Usually That Is A Home Owners Or Amateur Junk  Haulers Not Properly Covering And Tying Down Their Loads. If You Look Above You Can See The Tarp And Fishing Net Method We Use To Insure Absolutely Nothing Falls Or Blows Off Our Trucks Or Trailers We Have Been Hauling In San Diego County Since 1979 And Nothing Has Every Fallen Off One Of Our Trucks Or Trailers .                                  

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When You Hire San Diego Appliance Pick Up And San Diego Hauling TM  To Dispose Of Your Junk Or To Recycle Your Recyclables You Get a Professional, And Licensed, Small Family Owned Business With Reasonable Rates. You Get Honest Hard Work And Above All No Gimmicks, Or Fake Specials Or Fake Discounts. We Don't Post Really Low Up Front Price Quote On The Internet Prior To Getting The Particular's Of A Job Just To Entice The Public Into Calling Us First And Then Instead Of Honoring That Price Quote For A Pick Up Truck Load As Advertise, They Only Fill The Pick Up Truck Half  Way Full And Then Charge You That Same Advertised Price Again To Get The Rest Of The Junk On. Now You Just Paid Double. Turns Out It Wasn't A Bargain After All. All Us Haulers Pay Pretty Much The Same Gas Prices And Dump Fees. Did You Know That San Diego Haulers Tend To Charge More For Dirt And Construction Debris Because It Takes Longer To Load And Unload As Well As In Same Cases Costing More To Dump Than Say Tree Branches, Which Have A Reduced Dump Fee At The Landfills And Transfer Stations. Also The Distance One Lives  From The Dump Also Factors Into The Price Quote. And If The Debris And Rubbish Needs To Be Hauled Out Or Wheel Barrow Out To The Driveway, This will Substantially Increase The Price Quote. Knowing These Details And Others Are Essential Before a Firm Quote Can Be Given As To Cost Of Haul Anything Away. So Posting a Extremely Low Up Front Price Quote Without First Getting The Specific Details Of The Job Is Just An Attention Grapping Gimmick Of A Struggling New Stat Up Hauling Business. And Anyone Trying To Ride The Coat Tails Of Our Trade Marked Business Name In An Attempt To Trick The Public Into Believing That They Are Us By Using Our Name ( San Diego Hauling ) Or Like Sounding Names Is Probable Not Deserving Of Your Business

 In The Last Few Years There Has Been A Huge Influx Of Out Of State Haulers And Out Of State Businesses Usually Found At The Very Top Of The Page Of A Google or Yahoo Internet Search. In The Sponsor Block Where They Pay To Be In The Last Few Years There Has Been A Huge Influx Of Out Of State Junk Haulers And Out Of State Businesses Are At The Front Of The Line Are Some Businesses Who Sell Your Job To A Third Party Local Junk Hauler Here In San Diego For A Percentage Of The Job Or A Flat Fee. At least Once A Month We get Solicited By One Of These Many Companies Trying To Recruit Us.  

There Also Has Been An Explosion Of New Junk Haulers And Part Time Junk Haulers Entering The Junk  Hauling Market Here Due To The Fact That They Can Advertise For Free And Anonymously  On The Internet. The Majority Of The New Start Up Junk  Haulers Don't Even Bother To Get A Business License And Just Use Someone Else's Business Name Or A Fictitious Name Without Complying With The Law Requiring Them To File For a D.B.A. Some Of These New Junk Haulers That I Meet At The Dump Are Nice Guys  And Some Are Just Dishonest. The County Recorders Office is 619-237-0502. One Guy I Talked To At The Miramar Landfill That  Had His Cell Phone Number Spray Painted On The Sides Of His Truck Told Me He Was Hauling For Cash To Avoid Paying Child Support To His Ex Wife.  So She's On Public Assistance And Our Taxes Are Supporting His 2 Kids. Most Internet Ads I See Posted Only Post First Names Only And a Cell Phone Number. I Have Seen A Lot Of These Guys Come And Go over the Years. They Usually Last A year Or Two.

When Comparing Prices Whether You Are Renting a Dumpster, Dump Trailer Or Hiring a Business Using Larger Flat Bed Truck, Compare How Much They Charge By The Cubic Yard, Which Is The Industries Standard Measurement Or How much they Charge By The Load On a Pick Up Truck.  Also Ask How Many Feet High They Stack Junk. A load On A Pick Up Truck Means As High As The Junk Hauler Can Stack It Which Can Be As High As 7 Feet or More. A Load Is Not Half Way Full On A Pick Up Truck. If They Say They Can't Quote How Many Cubic Yards They Can Get In Their Pick Up Truck, Just Move On. Take a Look At Our 1 Ton Dump Trucks And See How High We Can Stack. By Comparing Cubic Yards And Prices,  You Will See We Have Good Prices. Some Hauling Businesses Post On The Internet What They Charge By The Cubic Yard. They Are Charging 2 to 3 Times More Than Us. That's a Big Difference. My Name Is Tom Cruz And I Have Been In This Industry Here In San Diego Since 1979. We Are a Licensed And Insured Business. As Owner I Believe In Customer Satisfaction And Hands On Involvement. That Is Why 80% Of Our Business Is Repeat Business. Some Of Our Customers  Have Been With Us For Over 20 Years. Hire a Junk Business With a Long And Proven Track Record. As Always Open 7 Days a Week. Top Number One San Diego Hauling Contractor.

The Number To San Diego City Weekly Trash Pick Up Is 858-694-7000.

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